Editorial Policy

TekDigitel reserves the right to receive content from users, if you wish to submit an article for publication, please visit the contact page.

TekDigitel represented by GEEKI MEDIA AGENCY S.R.L, aims to maintain high journalistic standards by providing unique and quality articles to our readers. When you submit an article for publication, you automatically agree to these terms, otherwise the article will be rejected.


We expect all articles submitted to the TekDigitel editorial office to be original, even if not professional, many articles can be corrected in terms of writing, but in terms of originality, the article must pass Copyscape and other plagiarism checks. Anyone submitting an article to [email protected] should be aware that the “never published before” tag will get the article posted guaranteed if it also adds value to readers.

Article value

As mentioned above, any press releases and articles sent to the editorial office will only be posted on the site if they bring value that the end user can benefit from.

News and updates!

If you wish to submit a news item, it must first be verified by a reliable source with the source specified, also, if we receive a news item that is “unique” and of public interest, we will strictly verify official channels attesting to the authenticity of the news received. TekDigitel fights against fake news, so we will not publish news that has a hot topic without the news in question being substantiated and thoroughly researched.

Data and statistics presented

Any article that contains data and statistics, must also contain a link or images accepted as authentic as to the source and how the data was gathered. The article should also contain information about these things.

Marketing and promotions

We accept press releases, if they are original and bring value to the user, in many situations these press releases will only be posted if it will add value to the site, to benefit from sponsored/paid articles on TekDigitel, we recommend you to visit the contact page.

Our readers

The TekDigitel reader is mainly interested in technology, so articles about other topics will be very rare on this site, if you want to submit an article that does not comply with the site’s niche, please contact us through the contact page to make a sponsorship offer. The end reader will know about this and we don’t want to give our audience a bad experience.