Enzo Zelocchi, a well-known actor, producer, and social media influencer, was featured on “The Donna Drake Show” on CBS New York.

Great things happen when talent, cutting-edge technologies and inspiring visions work together for the greater good.

TV host Donna Drake is a two-time Telly Award winner. In their interview, Zelocchi and Drake discussed Drake’s acting career, the award-winning short film “My Little Princess,” and his most recent project as CEO of A-Medicare. He has a good chance of succeeding as Elon Musk in the future.

See Drake and Zelocchi’s interview below.

He continues to hone his craft with the goal of discovering, cultivating and developing his acting and directing talents. He currently lives in Southern California, where he has made a significant commitment to implementing his media marketing plan, creating projects, honoring his love of acting, and pursuing a career in the industry.

“We can do anything if we have love and common sense since we are all one. With or without me, all my current projects will be completed and eventually realized. Changes are inevitable, and the best is yet to come,” he continued.

While writing the screenplay for the 2010 film “My Little Princess,” Zelocchi noted, “I started this line of research. “After thinking about the difficulties of a father whose daughter is suffering from terminal cancer, I had to carefully consider the possibilities available to real people in such situations. It hurt my heart.

“Considering what people are going through made me sick. I also saw Morgan Freeman at a Creative Artists Agency event about three years ago when he narrated the important documentary “The C Word,” which tackled many of the same dreadful issues. It’s a documentary about the carcinogenic industry and the underappreciated field of prevention, he continued.

Zelocchi said, “Ever since I saw the root of the problem in American health care, I haven’t stopped thinking about how I can help find the answer.

“Big things start with small steps…and I’m ready to take A-Medicare with emotion and love to the next level. He shouted, “If there is the will, it can be done.

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Founder and CEO of A-Medicare

Zelocchi is also the founder and CEO of A-Medicare, whose mission is to provide efficient healthcare services globally. The only cryptocurrency allowed on the A-Medicare network will be launched by him in late 2021 or early 2022, along with a token that he hopes will become the world’s first universal currency used for healthcare.

Enzo Zelocchi is the Founder of A-Medicare Structured to Become Amazon for Healthcare Worldwide:

A-Medicare website:

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