Chainsaw Man is in the middle of its first season, and it didn’t take long for the anime to become a huge hit. Adapted from the manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Chainsaw Man takes viewers on a wild ride with a compelling cast of characters. This includes Makima and Power, who both raise the bar for women in anime. We spoke to Chainsaw Man stars Suzie Yeung and Sarah Wiedenheft, who voice the pair in the English dub, on what makes the series (and its cast) “so special”.

Suzie Yeung and Sarah Wiedenheft Consider Joining ‘Chainsaw Man’ Dub Cast

Neither Suzie Yeung nor Sarah Wiedenheft knew much about Chainsaw Man before auditioning for the dub cast. However, both voice actors had seen the characters online, so they expected the series to blow up, just like the source material.

“I didn’t know what it was at first, but I recognized the characters,” recalls Wiedenheft. “I had seen them all over the internet. »

After receiving auditions for the series, Wiedenheft admits that she felt drawn to Power, the character she would later come to voice.

“I felt really drawn to Power because I was like, ‘I love his design,'” Wiedenheft said. “So, I read the first volumes of the manga to try to understand each of the characters. »

Yeung, who voices Makima in the series, had a similar experience discovering Chainsaw Man. She also met the characters in online spaces, telling her about the manga’s popularity.

“Well, I’m a lot like Sarah in that I didn’t really know what it was before,” Yeung explained, “but I had seen them everywhere, especially Power and Makima floating around the internet. As soon as I got the audition, I knew there was a huge hype around it. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was big.

Of course, an already established audience raises expectations. As such, Yeung and Wiedenheft made sure to dive into the manga.

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“Like Sarah, I had done quite a bit of research before the show ended – not necessarily during the audition process, but I definitely made sure to catch up and swallow it all before I really got into it. teeth,” Yeung said. .

“Yeah, we ate that,” Wiedenheft added. “We ate this manga so fast. »

The two voice actors put more effort into their audition for Power

When it came time to audition for Chainsaw Man dub cast, Suzie Yeung and Sarah Wiedenheft submitted recordings for Makima and Power. Comically, the two felt compelled to put more energy into Power’s voice. After all, she has the loudest and most eccentric demeanor of the two characters.

“Weirdly, I put more…I don’t want to say effort, but I definitely put more into Power’s audition because I was like, ‘It looks like it’s going to take more of me,'” Yeung admitted. .

For his own character, Yeung took a more relaxed approach, which clearly worked in the end.

“So for Makima, I did it in one or two takes and didn’t really think about it and just sent it based on what I thought it would sound like,” she recalled. “But yeah, I definitely put more time into Power, weirdly. »

“Me too,” added Wiedenheft, “mainly because she seemed complex. And I was like, ‘I don’t really know.’ So I did a few takes at the start. I’m like, ‘No, I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t know, I don’t know. I had to go read the manga a bit too and reference it.

What’s ‘So Special’ About ‘Chainsaw Man,’ According To The Dub Cast


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Now that Suzie Yeung and Sarah Wiedenheft are part of Chainsaw Mandub cast, the pair can identify what sets the anime apart. One thing they noted is that the characters feel more realistic and human than anything they’ve seen or voiced in anime before. Wiedenheft cited Power’s bathroom hygiene (or lack thereof) as evidence of this.

“I would say the very first thing I can think of is that I’ve never seen a character openly admit having sex in the toilet and not flushing the toilet and not bathing,” said said Wiedenheft. ” [There are] just a lot of very human aspects. I’ve never seen that, really, in anime before.

Wiedenheft went on to point out how the little moments play a big role in Chainsaw Manallowing fans to see “deeper parts of people in their daily lives”.

“Like seeing Aki’s morning routine,” she noted. “It was so intimate and cute. I don’t see that much in the anime. Sometimes you will see someone pour something and go to the next room, but you don’t see all of their daily [routine].”

Yeung agreed with Wiedenheft’s sentiment, admitting that she was impressed with how the anime uses the little things to bring its characters to life:

“Yeah, I like the direction they’re going, kind of taking their time [and] making sure you understand the characters better by putting in those little intricacies and aspects of their lives, just to give you a little window into what they look like. And I think that’s what makes it so special is that I haven’t been in an anime that put so much care into it. Literally, I think every aspect of it has so much detail.

‘Chainsaw Man’ Cast Looks Like ‘Found Family’

In addition to Chainsaw Mandepth aside, Suzie Yeung and Sarah Wiedenheft cited the dub cast’s passion as a highlight of working on the anime. The group met at New York Comic-Con this year, and Wiedenheft recalled that they felt like “immediately found family.”

Yeung also likes that “everyone is playing their best game”, even though they sometimes have a tight schedule.

“I just like being a part of that,” Yeung admitted. “It’s so awesome because everyone is excited about it, cast and crew included. Everyone is just very happy to be on this project. And it’s such a feeling. And it makes the check-in experience – it makes being a part of it – even better thanks to all the people around it. Not to be sappy or anything, but that’s really what makes it for me is the energy of it.

Wiedenheft expressed similar sentiments about his colleagues, noting that their dynamic reinforces the message of Chainsaw Man for her:

“In the manga, they really show how being together and being with others is really, really important – probably more important than a lot of your dreams. And I really feel that way with this because I think, like Suzie says, my favorite thing about it is playing with everybody and going back and talking about it with everybody, and at what point we are excited and grateful to work with each other on this show. »

Wiedenheft concluded by noting how much “heart” the series has, which fans can already agree on. And it looks like we may see more in the future. Fortunately, the anime – and its characters – are in good hands.

Chainsaw Man is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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