We often come across many people who waste their whole lives after making stupid mistakes and go down a path of self-destruction, a place from which they never return. However, when you see people who had fallen into ashes rise up like a phoenix, it is a story that you would like to hear, read and tell to others too. These stories give people the motivation to stand up and take the reins of their lives into their own hands, no matter how difficult circumstances become for them. This is the story of Michael Nunez, popularly known by his stage name L-OH-Lwho went through a dark phase of his life but found the light at the end of the tunnel.

Michael Nunez is an army veteran turned rapper who has made a name for himself in this competitive music industry, especially rap. He became disabled during the war in Iraq, and when he returned home he was a completely different man. After experiencing such trauma and witnessing the war so close, he drifted into a life of crime, including theft and drugs. “I was in gangs, I used drugs and I even experienced homelessness. I’ve been through many shootings, deaths, overdoses, etc. just to finally understand who I was. I used to fly just for a few dollars to gamble in casinos and buy a room and enough food. I was a horrible human being with money as my only motivation in life,” Michael explained. “After my incarceration in 2018, I became a single father until my marriage in April 2022. It was during my time in prison that God found me in a cell and changed my heart. I am proof that the gospel is real and that God can save anyone. I am a product of Grace. Today I am part of a prison ministry called Convicted to Conquer, helping others like me find the true purpose of life.

Music has always been his passion. Even as a child, he would sing at home with a brush in his hand, pretending to be a microphone. He often told his mother that he would become a rapper when he grew up. L-OH-L used to donate plasma to pay for his time in the studio and performed in small gigs during his time as a drug addict. He always wanted to create music that was organic, relatable and close to people’s hearts. Sure, rap is the genre that brings out your true emotions in high-energy, heart-pounding tunes.

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Inspired by Xay Hill, Aha Gazelle and Dee-1, Michael Nunez turned to music to share his life experiences and help others avoid the mistakes he made in life. Due to the originality of his rapping, he went from an unknown rapper to a thousand streams on the first day of his song’s release. As a rapper too, he has radically transformed. “When I was a secular artist, I made very violent music. I called it expression but in fact it was trash. Nevertheless, everything I have touched has always succeeded. One of my top 5 singles I ever did ended up on FM radio. I was getting major play in clubs and halls. My problem was that I just couldn’t stay clean. I would get full of pride and go broke or get addicted to drugs and disappear,” Michael said. He further shared, “Now I make soothing and peaceful music. Songs about getting off the streets and giving up drugs to start life over. I love seeing people connect with my music and heal in the process. I believe that if you’ve had enough and don’t give back to society, you’re a coward.

Michael Nunez’s music is for lost souls. If you’re in the church but never really lived that hard life, then you probably won’t understand his rapping. It is for gangsters, prostitutes, killers and drug addicts, who have strayed from the right path and are on the path to self-destruction. The purpose of his music is to help these lost souls find new meaning in life and to persuade them to become better. The life of crime or drugs is very short; you will not only lose your position in society both financially and morally, but in the process you will also lose all of your loved ones. But it’s not worth it. And it’s never too late to transform and start from scratch.

With such an inspiring story and music to support his ambitions, Michael Nunez is making waves on the music scene right now and is here to stay for a long time.

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