We recently learned that Samsung’s flip phones could become cheaper again this year. Changes in design and simpler production processes should help reduce production costs , but that’s probably not the only reason for lower prices. According to Korean whistleblower The Elec, Samsung will also save on batteries because it has to change its manufacturer for the first time.

So far, Samsung has always used SDI batteries in its flexible phones, which is a Samsung subsidiary. In other words, the brand made them itself. Now, however, the Korean giant is turning to Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) , not only because of the lower purchase price and, therefore, also lower end-product prices. Apparently, ATL batteries are also of higher quality, especially in relation to price. LG has recently joined discussions about new suppliers, so Samsung obviously wants to have more diverse sources and not rely on just one. The pandemic has simply made its mark on companies and they don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

Of course, it’s not just batteries that will contribute to a massive reduction in device price. The average phone battery seems to cost between $6 and $8 in mass production.

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