Fortnite has introduced a collaboration with My Hero Academia, which will be available in-game until December 29, 2022. The collaboration includes 16 new cosmetics, challenges that provide players with free experience points and cosmetics, and new items in-game such as All Might Supply Depots and Vending Machines. These Vending Machines contain a special weapon called Deku’s Smash (Mythic), which players can obtain by browsing through them in-game. Players can find these Vending Machines in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

There are two ways to get Deku’s Smash Mythic Weapon in Fortnitefrom the My Hero Academia collaboration. Players can find it in All Might Supply Drops or purchase it from super-functional Vending Machines located in high-traffic areas of the map such as Frenzy Fields, Warden’s Watch, and Beep ‘n Bounce. However, buying the weapon from vending machines will require 250 gold bars.

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Keep in mind that both methods are viable options for obtaining the weapon, but Vending Machines can be more difficult due to their location in popular areas of the map. Players can also search for All Might Supply Drops, which are easily recognizable due to their unique balloon shape. These supply drops fall from the sky and players can either wait for them to land on their own or shoot them down to speed up the process.

Once the Supply Drop lands, players can scour it to find the weapon, though it’s worth noting that it may not be in every Supply Drop due to drop chance. random spawning of items in-game. Despite this, players should have a good chance of finding the weapon as it is a new addition to the game.

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How to use Deku’s Smash Mythic in Fortnite

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Like the Dragon Ball Kamehameha Mythic weapon, the Deku’s Smash Mythic weapon requires players to wait for it to charge up before unleashing a powerful burst of energy. Once they launch the attack, players will float in the air until the attack is fully charged and ready to launch.

According to the first gameplay footage, the attack is extremely powerful and can destroy anything in its path. However, the weapon has a 15 second cooldown after use. This ensures that the weapon is balanced and not overpowered.

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In addition to its cooldown period, players can only use Deku’s Smash Mythic weapon in Fortnite’s My Hero Academia collaboration a total of three times before it runs out of energy and disappears from power. the player’s inventory. It may seem like a small amount, but the weapon is quite powerful and can deal 100-150 body damage to opponents, making it effective for experienced players.

However, players should be careful when using the weapon in combat, as they will be vulnerable when reloading it and could end up on the enemy fire radar. Players should ideally use the weapon when the enemy is distracted or fleeing, rather than in direct combat, to avoid being countered. It will be interesting to see how players end up using this mythic ability in the game.

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