We’ve put together a list of the best sites where you can download free movies that you can watch anytime without needing a viable internet connection. Free movies from the sites on this list can be downloaded easily and hassle-free if you have a program that makes it easy for you to download them (there are many such programs available for free as well). This way, you can watch your favourite films anywhere, without needing an active internet connection.

Here are some of the best sites and platforms where you can download your favourite movies:

The best sites to download movies from


As you can probably tell, YouTube is the most abundant and courteous video, music and movie content platform on the internet. The platform provides you with a multitude of movies, series or documentaries that are free to download and can be easily done using certain download programs. Although they don’t always have subtitles, you can find them later by Googling them. The only drawback is that not all films, unfortunately, are available for download.

Internet Archive

Surely you may not have heard of this “internet archive”, a platform that has been active for almost 25 years and includes a wealth of opportunities to download not only movies but also music and books for free. Like an internet goldmine, the platform can be accessed at no extra cost and exploited to the full.

Classic Cinema Online

Particularly suitable if you’re looking for horror and western films. They can be downloaded at the desired resolution and you can also add subtitles afterwards. The platform contains hundreds of films, both old and new, and can be accessed for free, and films can be downloaded using specific download programs.

Open Culture

A platform that hosts not only high quality video material from all over the world, but also free online courses in all fields of activity, free foreign language lessons. Founded in 2006, the platform consists of 6 main categories: films, online courses, foreign language lessons, e-books, textbooks and audio books.

The film section includes an excellent and extensive collection of over 1,200 free films, made available to the public without any restrictions, including Oscar winners, blockbusters, film series and classic Charlie Chaplin films.


A platform that brings you a wealth of classic American movies and TV shows for free and also has an Android app called Classic UHF where you can download movies right to your smartphone. Browsing the site is particularly easy thanks to the fact that the different movie categories are specifically divided: adventure, comedy, sci-fi, horror, war, drama and western.

Le CiNéMa Club

Launched for the first time in 2015, the site aims to highlight new talent and film productions that didn’t get the attention they deserved when they were released. Every week, the platform launches a new film, and even though most of the available content is short films, Le CiNéMa Club hosts films from all categories.


It’s one of the best movie download alternatives, owned by Sony. After simply registering and mentioning the film genres you are interested in, suggestions will appear according to your preferences.


This website offers free movies, TV shows and stand-up comedy acts, hosting a variety of film adaptations: from classics to documentaries and comedy films. Because Movies FoundOnline doesn’t host or upload any of its own media content, the folks who run it are constantly working to remove films that infringe on the copyright of the company that produced it – so it’s best to keep an eye on it at all times.


This video streaming site is owned by Screen Media Ventures and is notable for the huge number of its own and original films it contains. The website can be used to watch content from any device, in a graduated manner, and hosts movies falling into numerous categories (drama, action, comedy, horror, etc.). As a new feature, PopcornFlix also offers a catalogue of National Geographic series, which documentary lovers are sure to love.


Owned by Amazon, the collection of free movies and TV shows that IMDb makes available is impressive – and the content is constantly growing with new movies being added (from older ones, to new movies like Memento, Born this way, Life of Pi, Monster House and even Spider-Man, beloved by all Marvel Cinematic Universe fans).

These are the sites that will surely help you in finding the most suitable websites from which to download movies for free and easily made available for the general public to use.

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