Instagram is one of the most used social networks and is currently in the top three most popular social networks. One common thing that can be found on this social network is that instead of placing links directly on posts, they are found on users’ profiles and there is an important reason for this.

Why do people put “Link in Bio” in their Instagram posts?

All Instagram users share links on their profiles, rather than in the post itself, and leave a message telling them to look for the link in their bio, mainly to move their audience elsewhere.

The way Instagram allows you to share other users’ profiles is through tags. If you use this method, the platform allows users to share profiles without having to use links. So links in your bio serve other purposes.

Redirect to another page

Instagram is a social network used by a lot of companies and influencers. So it’s natural that they would use the platform to redirect their followers to their stores, YouTube channels, websites, etc. It would be much more effective if these links were in posts; however, there’s a reason no one does this.

Instagram prevents you from putting links in posts

The Instagram platform does not allow links in your posts. If you want to redirect an account’s fans to an external location on the social network, this is only possible through the bio.

Therefore, there are no links in an account’s posts, but they are redirected to the profile bio. Because of this limitation, you should have a clear strategy on which links to share.

What does “link in bio” used in story on Instagram mean?

When a user writes “link in my bio”, “link in bio” or something similar, it asks you to visit their profile and look for the link in their bio because it is not possible for that user to add it in their posts.

How to use “link in bio” on Instagram?

In reality, this is extremely simple as Instagram does not impose any restrictions on inviting users to visit links on a profile. There is no risk of being penalised if you leave links on a profile and invite people to visit them. You should note that linked content must follow Instagram’s rules.

Promoting a product on a page

When a store is about to launch a new product, it needs to get a lot of traffic to find potential buyers. One post (or several, depending on the product’s marketing strategy) is enough. You can invite everyone who visits the profile to look for the link in the bio and wait for traffic to arrive on the page.

Redirect followers to other social networks

For influencers or businesses, redirecting traffic to their other social networks is a must. It’s an unwritten rule that Instagram profiles are where you’ll find all the links to influencers’ or brands’ other platforms. This is one of the most used ways for the follower to connect with influencers on the platform of their choice.

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