Netflix is one of the most popular digital platforms for movies and series. The success of this platform is so great that even many people say they prefer to have a Netflix account instead of a satellite or cable TV subscription.

This platform features exclusive branded content and also offers a large number of movies on all sorts of topics. What for many is a negative aspect of Netflix is the fact that you have to pay for this service month after month, even though the service is relatively cheap, there are a few who have a habit of hacking or stealing accounts on such platforms, so you need to learn how to remove or delete an unknown device from your Netflix account.

Why won’t Netflix allow me to stream more content on one device?

When something goes wrong with the platform, there are several types of reasons why the platform doesn’t allow you to play content on the platform. One of the main reasons and, although it sounds silly, one of the most common reasons why the Netflix platform doesn’t allow you to stream more content is that you haven’t paid for the service within the specified time frame.

Once the term for paying for the service has expired, the platform gives you another 5 days to pay for the service, otherwise the service will be suspended, so the platform doesn’t allow you to play any content until you make the proper payment.

On the other hand, one of the most common reasons why the Netflix platform doesn’t allow you to play a movie or takes some time is because of the “internet”, this is indeed one of the reasons why the platform doesn’t allow you to enjoy its content. As you know, you need to have a reasonable internet connection to be able to download and play series or movies on the platform, otherwise the platform will have problems and won’t be able to play the content correctly.

Similarly, sometimes the platform may experience some errors, in this case being, one of the ways to solve the problem at that point is to shut down and then restart the device on which you are playing the content. Before doing this, don’t forget to have a relatively good internet connection.

What is the correct way to remove a connected device from my Netflix account?

Now, it’s known that once you subscribe to the Netflix platform, it gives you the ability to create up to 5 profiles on the same account, this way you can share the account with your family and so everyone will have a “place” where they can download and save the content that person prefers.

To find out if someone has accessed or hacked your Netflix account, there’s a simple way. The first thing you should do is go to the settings option and then go to the profile you think has the most devices connected.

There in settings you will find an option called “viewing activity”, go in there to find out what content is being viewed through the account, this will be checked through a report.

From the desktop application on your PC

To perform this procedure you will only need to perform a few simple steps. The first thing you need to do is to enter the settings option that will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Once you are in this section, look for the “disconnect all devices” option, this is how you will be able to remove all devices connected to your Netflix profile and these devices will not be able to connect again.

It should be noted that this procedure can be performed on a single profile or on all profiles, if you are not sure which profile is the problem. In any case, always keep in mind that this procedure may take a few minutes, so be patient.

On the mobile app

The procedure to perform on these devices is similar to the one we explained a few moments ago for the desktop PC app. The first thing you need to do is choose the profile you find most suspicious, then click on the settings option.

Once in the settings, look for and click the “disconnect all devices” option, just like with the PC, you’ll be able to close the section on all devices of a particular profile or on all profiles.

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