A family group on Google is a feature where the services involved are shared so that information, site browsing, calendar, app downloads, books, movies, music, videos and photos, among other details, are available to everyone at the same time.

Participants must have a free Google account to use the service and one person is in charge and tasked with inviting the other five members to create the group, as well as overseeing the options they deem most appropriate.

Although the idea is to share the virtual experience as a family, the service can also be created for a group of friends who can share their activities if they find them interesting.

Which services can be shared?

family group on Google
family group on Google

Google Play purchases can be available to everyone, including games, books (e-reading and audiobooks), music and movies. The person in charge chooses a payment method for the family that only they will have access to and can make any changes if necessary – for example, another person in the group cannot add another credit card without the organiser’s knowledge.

The integration also covers streaming service accounts of different types. The family group will have shared access to logins, subscriptions involving YouTube (YouTube Premium, YouTube Music and YouTube TV) and some paid Google services (such as ad-free Google Play Pass games and apps and Google One storage).

Day-to-day organisation can also be shared. Google Calendar, can remind those in the group of scheduled meetings ahead of time and issue reminders so no one forgets any scheduled activities. Google Keep also works in a similar way so everyone can see notes, reminders and lists, with open add-ons to make it as complete as possible in this kind of interaction.

Google Drive is another tool available for the family group. With a Google One subscription, each member has 15 GB of personal storage space for any type of item, be it text, photos, videos or PDFs, for example. When the file storage limit is full, the person gains additional space in the shared space.

Families can have more control over their children’s actions

One of the differences of this Google service is that parents and/or guardians can have more control over the internet access of children and teenagers under 13. Settings can be set by completing the free app called Family Link, available for Android users in the Google Play store and for iOS users (iPhone, iPad and Mac family) in the App Store.

In Family Link, the adult chosen to organise sharing through their account has the ability to set certain rules and supervision restrictions. This includes, for example, determining which pages cannot be accessed, maximum browsing time during the day and whether or not to allow apps to be installed on devices used by children.

How to create a family group on Google: steps to follow

  • Open the Google app on your mobile phone;
  • Click on your profile in the top right corner (usually featuring a photo or the initials of your name);
  • When you open your profile features, click on Google Account, just below your username and email record;
  • The user’s Google Account profile will open in the center part of the screen, which scrolls horizontally when you swipe left;
  • Swipe options to the right by swiping left on the screen until the People and Sharing part appears, which you need to access with a click;
  • The recommendation to create a family group in Google will appear right in the first option and you just need to click on Create family group to follow the process definitively;
  • The user will be sent to a special Google page for creating the network and it is necessary to continue by clicking the First steps button;
  • A new screen about group management will open and confirm that the responsible will be the network administrator. Click on the Create Family Group button to continue;
  • A page will open to create invitations for the other five members to start sharing their Google services;
  • Click on the white plus symbol with a green background in the left corner, just below the administrator profile, to invite the family members (the number of remaining invitations appears in this area as information for the future);
  • The page with all Google contacts will be launched for choosing the person. The same step should be repeated for adding other members;
  • All invitees will receive an invitation email with the name, email address and profile picture of the family group organiser. It is necessary to access this message and confirm participation to start sharing.
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