Siri is a multifunctional tool that allows you to receive virtual assistance virtually 24/7. With it, you can use voice commands to help you better interact with your device. Siri can also be easily accessed from any screen. At the touch of a button, you’ll find this guide at your fingertips, whether you need to enter important calendar information or make reservations at the best places in town.

However, many users report that Siri can sometimes be a terrible nightmare. Especially when you’re planning business meetings where you have to be completely silent to give your interlocutors the floor. So you have two options to solve this problem: you can either disable Siri from your iPhone’s lock screen, or disable it permanently with the simple tricks we’ll give you below.

What will happen to your iOS device when you disable Siri?

There’s no doubt that the Siri virtual assistant is an extremely useful tool for many regular Apple users. It can complete sentences for you, read you the latest messages, or simply take all your instructions. But if you’re thinking of disabling this feature on your device, you should know that you’ll have other extremely important benefits that will make your life easier, and we’ll tell you what they are.

Improve battery performance

Did you know that some apps and features on your mobile device drain your battery much faster? This happens when you need free space for apps to run at a high performance level, but the more you use them, the more likely it is that the battery won’t last for many hours. That’s why disabling Siri will improve battery performance, and if you want, you can also max out your iPhone’s speed.

Clear the history Apple has about you.

One of the big downsides of having Siri active on your phone is that you don’t get maximum privacy when you need it. This happens when you send all sorts of data to Apple. For this reason, by disabling the app, you can remove this history for good, not having to type instructions that tell Siri what to do.

How do I disable Siri completely?

If you want to disable Siri, you’ll need to go to the Settings panel on your iPhone, under the General tab. If you look through all the options, you’ll find the one for Siri commands. Through this panel, you need to select voice commands by pressing the ring toggle selection control until you see a checkbox that will help you turn them off.

Thanks to this, you will effectively disable Siri’s voice command. As a result, you’ll no longer receive audio information that could compromise meetings or outings with friends.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Siri will stop working completely, because you’ll still be able to perform all your usual tasks without having to activate voice control.

Disabling suggestions

When we talk about Siri’s suggestions, we mean all those personalized recommendations based on your particular tastes recorded in the iPhone system. And if you want, you can remove them via your phone’s General Settings screen.

Once you locate the panel that focuses on Siri’s features, you’ll reach the suggestions section. From there, you’ll turn off all those suggestions you don’t want the app to show you.

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