AirPods have become indispensable in everyday life when it comes to music or listening to any type of audio content. However, given their size, they can be lost. If this is the case for you, there’s no need to worry as there are a few simple ways to try and locate them. To that end, in this article we’ll show you what to do if your AirPods have been lost or stolen.

These devices have become indispensable in our daily lives. However, we have to be very careful not to lose them, as they are very small devices that can be easily misplaced. Especially if we are away from home, as we are less likely to be able to find them.

Is it possible to lock my AirPods so they can’t be used?

When you lose an item, such as your AirPods, often the first thing you think of is locking them. That way, if they are stolen, they can’t be used. But you can’t do that because they’re not connected to wifi. In these cases, it’s best to look for them before writing them off as lost.

Will Apple replace my AirPods if they are stolen?

If you have lost one of your AirPods or the case, you can go to an Apple Retail Store, where they will replace your lost item for a fee. You will need to bring the serial number of your device to an Apple Retail Store for a replacement.

What should I do if my AirPods are lost or stolen?

If your AirPods have been lost or stolen, don’t despair. Apple has found a solution for this. You can use iCloud or Find My iPhone for free to log in and easily track them automatically.

Locate your AirPods with iCloud

To find your AirPods, you can use a few tools to help you. One of them from your iCloud account can be used from the website to find them or from the app.

First, if we use the website, we need to use our details to log in. This way, our account will be linked to the devices. After this step, we need to click on the “Find iPhone” option.

The Find My iPhone function will start a search. Therefore, we need to click on the “All devices” tab and choose the missing one. If you succeed, you will see the location of your AirPods marked on the map.

They will appear as a small green dot if they are online, i.e. connected. If you see a grey dot, it means they can’t be found.

If you see a green dot on the map, click on it and then click button 1 in the window that appears. Next, a pop-up window will appear in which you have to apply the playback sound. This function is for AirPods to emit a loud sound.

In this option you can play sound on both earphones or just one of them. This will depend on whether you have lost one or both. This sound will help you find them easily near where you are, you will have to search around, letting the sound guide you to find them.

Locate your AirPods with the Find my iPhone app

If you’ve been unable to locate your AirPods using iCloud, you can use the Find My iPhone option, but note that this is used as a preventative measure. Therefore, it will only work if they were connected or synced with this app before you lost them, otherwise it won’t work.

If the headphones appear with a grey dot, it means they may be out of battery, out of range, or in hibernation, so they can’t connect when in the case.

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