With the rise in the number of stolen Instagram accounts, many people are facing immense stress trying unsuccessfully to recover their personal or business profile from the social network. Loss of data is not only sentimental, but can also lead to financial loss. Therefore, in this tutorial, we teach you how to recover your Instagram account in a simplified way.

The most important thing is to always have an email account or even a phone number connected to your account so that your profile can be recovered. But if you don’t have one, it’s still possible to do the recovery. With the thought of helping you with this problem, we’ve put together several tips to enable you to post photos, videos and Stories again.

What to do if you can still connect to your Instagram profile

If you can still access your stolen account, the task is easier. The big problem arises if your password has been changed, so check all the devices you use in your daily life before contacting Instagram support directly. There are two steps you should follow if you still have access to your Instagram account.

Disable data logins to third-party apps and websites

In order to use third-party services that make posts and even messages, many people have a habit of using their account for faster access. So the first action you need to take is to find out which sites have access to your Instagram account.

If you find a third-party app or service that shouldn’t have access to your account, cancel access. You can do this via this special page that shows all the apps and sites that have access to your account data.

We also recommend that when giving access to your account data to foreign websites and applications, you always read the famous fine print in the terms and conditions of use. Imagine what would happen if, by chance, you agreed that sites could start sending messages to your followers?

There are many companies that promise that the number of followers will increase with a simple permission to access your account, but know that here’s the problem. You need to understand that there are no miracles.

Check where your account is logged in.

In order to keep its users up to date with all the activity on their account, Instagram sends an email whenever a new device logs in – the same goes for password changes. In the latter case, it’s possible to revert back to the original password by clicking “cancel this change” in the email that was sent to you.

Instagram also displays your account activity on a map. If you notice a place you haven’t been to in the last 30 days, simply cancel access via the page and thus end the problem. To access this section of the login activity, simply go to the Instagram settings page. In the app, the path to perform this conference is:

  • Login to your profile;
  • Click on the three-striped icon in the top right corner;
  • Go to Settings;
  • Now click on Security;
  • Select “Login activity”.

I don’t have access to Instagram: what should I do?

Well, it’s not the end of the world, because you still have a chance. This is because you will have to prove that you are the owner of the account. The good news is that the Instagram helpdesk has a special tool for this kind of problem.

How to recover your Instagram account using email or phone

The first thing you need to do is to find the causes of the problem and then fix it. If a person is impersonating you online, it’s likely that your password has been discovered or, after being allowed to log into your account, a system may have started making scheduled posts to promote a product or service.

The good news is that if you still have access to the email address where your account is logged in, you can recover your password and ward off intruders. With this in mind, change your original password or send yourself a recovery email so you can put an end to your stolen Instagram profile problem.

To do this, just click “Forgot your Password?” (Forgot your password?) on the Instagram login page. You will need to confirm the change. But you can also confirm that you own the account by entering your registered email address.

If the details are indeed correct, then you just need to access the email to log in. In a few seconds, you will receive a message by email. If you chose to receive an SMS, the same link will be sent to your mobile phone.

How to recover an Instagram account

If, in addition to your password, your recovery email has been changed, the last step you should take is to contact Instagram Support directly to report that your account has been stolen. It may take a little longer for the case to be resolved, but you will get your access back.

The first step to recovering your Instagram account in this case is to log into the app and then click “Get help to sign in”. You will then need to do the same confirmation by email, phone or user. When a new screen appears, click “Need More Help?” (Need More Help?)

A series of possible questions and reasons will be displayed. Click on “I think my Instagram account has been hacked”. From here, there are two possible paths after you select the account you want to regain access to.

Your profile doesn’t have a photo in which your face is recognizable

If you have a commercial profile, it’s possible that the profile that was hacked only has photos focused on promoting the products or services you sell. You will then need to contact Instagram support via email. After selecting the account you want access to, check “No, I don’t have a photo of myself on my account”.

Now, very carefully: you will need to enter an email address to which all the details of the Instagram account recovery process will be sent. Keep this detail in mind, as well as check that there are no typos, so that the Instagram account recovery process is trouble-free.

Once everything is ready, now you just need to follow the steps that are sent to the email address you entered and within a few days, your profile will be recovered. Don’t forget that the social network is part of Meta, so all messages will be sent to @support.facebook.com. See what type of email you should receive:

You will need to send a photo ID to prove that your Instagram profile really belongs to you. These are the social network’s other requests for access to be restored.

Profile has a personal photo

Accounts that have been hacked but have photos of important moments in our lives are easier to recover. Instagram already has a system in place that allows the simplest unlocking of a personal account. You’ll need to:

  • Select “I need help logging into my account” and then select the profile you need to recover;
  • Click on “I think my account has been hacked”.
  • Now select the option “Yes, I have a photo of me in my account”.

After that, it’s time to submit a photo proving that you are the owner of the account in question. Once you’ve sent the email, you’ll need to reply to Instagram support with a video showing your full face for identification to be made.

The social network makes sure that its artificial intelligence systems do not read videos sent in confirming identity, with human employees performing this procedure. If all is well, then your account will be recovered within a few days.

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