Some technologies have been introduced into our routines to make our lives easier, from the practical to the complicated. One of them is the ability to turn off your PC by voice command via Google Assistant or Alexa.

Between scheduling the next appointment in your personal calendar and choosing your favourite playlist, this very useful feature is available for those who like to make their daily life easier. This feature used by many people only requires downloading an IFTTT command and setting it up after connecting to the Assistant.

If you have one of these two virtual assistants, find out below how to shut down your computer via voice command, step by step.

How to shut down your PC by voice using Google Assistant?

To be able to run this command, you need:

  1. Download and install AssistantComputerControl (ACC), a free open-source software that lets you set up and connect your activities to Google Assistant. This is a program that only works on Windows operating system. In total, there are 31 actions available for configuration.
  2. After installation, you need to plug the specific IFTTT command for Google Assistant into one of the script storage options, which is where the instruction will be activated on your computer after you talk to the assistant. The site has Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive as login options. Use Google Drive.
  3. On the AssistantComputerControl home page, select “Shutdown”.
  4. Enabling the desktop shutdown mechanism has four alternatives: traditional, which will only shut down your PC; forced, to shut down your PC even with apps or programs still open; timer, where you can set a countdown to shutdown; and finally, command shutdown.
  5. When you click on the desired Google Assistant-focused option, a new tab will open asking you to sign in to Google Drive. If you have already logged in as per step 2, the page will appear marked as logged in.
  6. With the Google Assistant app downloaded to your smartphone, you will receive a notification that a new IFTTT command has connected to your device.

You will then be able to perform this activity by saying “Google, turn off my computer” or “Google, turn off my computer”.

How to turn off your PC using Alexa?

To turn off your Desktop using Alexa, the process is almost the same except for the last part.

  1. Download and install AssistantComputerControl (ACC) on your computer.
  2. After installation, you’ll need to plug in the specific IFTTT recipe for Alexa. The site lists Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive as connection alternatives for syncing. Use Google Drive.
  3. On the AssistantComputerControl home page, select “Shutdown”.
  4. Enabling the Desktop shutdown mechanism has the same four options: traditional, forced, timer, and command shutdown.
  5. Clicking on the desired option should open a new tab and prompt you to connect to Google Drive. If you’ve already connected according to step 2, the page will appear with the connected – or “connected” as it’s called in English – mark.
  6. With the Alexa app downloaded to your smartphone, you’ll receive a notification that the assistant has identified an IFTTT action. To create a routine in Alexa, log into the app, go to “Routines” and create a new one. Name the command and set it to happen when you say “Alexa, turn off my computer” or “Alexa, turn off my computer” and associate the action that turns off the computer in the “IFTTT” section. Then save it.

It is important to note that in the IFTTT list all the things enabled there on the AssistantComputerControl website are available. Thus, you can not only activate the default command options, but also create a new one and customize it as you wish.

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