Netflix has become an indispensable platform in the lives of many people who have decided to replace conventional TV with on-demand series, movies or documentaries. But it doesn’t always work the way we want it to. Surely it’s happened to you: Netflix isn’t working and you don’t know why, you don’t know how to fix it or where the error lies. Why it shuts down, why it doesn’t play movies, etc.

In the following paragraphs we will explain the main solutions if Netflix doesn’t work. It’s likely that the problem will be among some of the ones we’ve compiled below, as well as the solutions, so it’ll take you a few seconds to put the movie back on and enjoy it. While it will depend a bit on whether you’re on one device or another, there are common solutions for all devices and device-specific solutions.

Where’s the problem?

The first thing to find out is where the problem is. Before looking for solutions, we ask: why isn’t Netflix working? Netflix doesn’t work…


There are many Netflix error codes that will appear on screen when a playback is suddenly interrupted or if you try to connect and it won’t let you. It depends on what it means, but the most common ones are due to a connection problem between the device and the network or update or compatibility issues. In other words, your app or device isn’t ready to run Netflix. Even so, the platform has a website that allows us to look up the code we’re interested in and offers possible solutions.

From the Netflix website we can find “Netflix not working” in the help center. Here we have a search box that allows us to enter the error code that appears on the screen and find out what it is and how we can fix it as soon as possible.

Series or movies unavailable

Why does this appear? Because that content is not available in that country. For example, if you are travelling outside Romania or the European Union, the series you are watching may not work because the catalogue is adapted to where you are connected to the internet. As a result, the content does not appear or has disappeared.

Alternatively, it may “disappear”. You should bear in mind that Netflix does not always have the same catalogue of films and series and it will depend on the broadcast rights and renewal of these rights whether a series is still available or not.

Download does not work

One of the most common problems is download errors. What is the reason? Generally, there are two situations: you have downloaded too much to too many devices at the same time, or you have no space on your mobile phone or computer. You can only store up to 100 downloads at a time on each device that has a subscription, and the number of different devices that can have downloads depends on your plan. In other words, you can’t download series to 20 different devices. Netflix won’t let you.

Another problem may be that a title you downloaded doesn’t show up. Mind you, these have an expiration date: from seven days available to 48 hours. You need to connect to the internet before that time and renew your download, otherwise you risk disappearing.

Too many simultaneous sessions

One of the most common problems is that too many simultaneous sessions are open on Netflix. How many people can watch something at the same time on the same account? It depends on the plan you have. If your mom, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and cousin are all watching shows or movies on the same day at the same time, you probably won’t be able to log in to watch something new until one of them logs out of Netflix. That doesn’t mean Netflix is broken, but it’s part of their rules.

The basic plan allows one screen at a time, the standard plan allows two screens at a time, and the premium plan allows four screens at a time. If there are five of you who want to watch something at the same time, one of you has to opt out.

Internet problems

According to the help page, one of the most common problems is with your internet connection. You need a good connection if you want series or movies to load smoothly. In this case, the problem may be specific to your installation or home, or it may be caused by the operator or tariff you have contracted, as well as the coverage you have with mobile or WiFi networks.

Login problems

This is another malfunction: login does not work, does not open. This may be because you have changed your password and can’t remember it, or because someone else has changed your password for you. If you have a joint account, this is common. Maybe a family member or friend changed it and didn’t tell you, or simply tried to steal your account.

Best solutions

Regardless of the device you use, there are a number of common workarounds we can apply. Whether it’s because Netflix isn’t working because the internet isn’t working well or simply because your account has been stolen. There are a few steps we can all take to troubleshoot Netflix that will work in most cases.

Check your Internet connection

This will be one of the fundamental steps if we want to improve Netflix problems. What to do. Check everything related to your internet connection. You can change your cable connection if you’re on WiFi and check if this improves speed or if content loads. Or the other way around: if you have a cable, try using WiFi if it’s damaged or broken. We can also check coverage: if you’re using a wireless network, move your computer, TV or mobile phone closer to the router to see if the signal is no longer weak and if that’s why Netflix isn’t working.

Another common and essential step is restarting your router. Restart the router for a few minutes: turn it off, unplug all cables, leave it for a few minutes, then plug it in and turn it back on until all the lights come on. Check that the internet is working and try connecting again to see if the errors have been resolved.

Update the app

Whatever the app is, it needs to be updated. On your Android mobile phone, iOS tablet, Smart TV, Android TV or Windows PC. Whatever device you have, you should always have the Netflix app updated. Here, the process will vary depending on the type of device and operating system, but usually updating will be easy.

Troubleshooting payment issues

If your subscription isn’t working, it may be due to problems with your payment method. Perhaps you have a card that has expired or a PayPal account that has been linked and is no longer working. Or you used a gift card with credit and it is no longer enough to continue paying for your subscription. In this case, we need to change the payment method in our profile to recover the account and continue to be billed month after month. You can pay for the Netflix plan with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or prepaid cards. You can also pay with Paypal or gift cards.

  • Visit
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Go to “Subscriptions and Billing”
  • Click on “Update payment information”.
  • Here we need to choose whether we want a credit or debit card, whether we want to use PayPal or a gift code. Choose the one you are interested in and fill in all the details.

Improving privacy

If the problem is authentication, we need to improve privacy. Either because someone tried to log in, or simply because we forgot our password. The first thing to do is to recover your password and get a new one, making sure it is secure. If you have forgotten it or have not forgotten it but it does not work, you can reset your password using your email address.

  • Go to
  • Choose the option to reset your password via email.
  • Enter your current email address
  • Click “Send me an email”.
  • An email will arrive in your inbox and you will need to follow the steps
  • The email comes with a link to connect to Netflix.
  • Once you have entered the link, create a new password.
  • Check the “Required to log in again on all devices with new password” option.
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