While using our computer, we might realise that, for some reason, a file or application has been modified. This makes it difficult for us to easily access and manage our computer. One of these options that we use every day is the volume icon. This icon allows us to adjust the sound output regardless of which application is in the background. That’s why in this guide we’ll teach you what to do when the volume icon doesn’t appear in Windows.

If the volume icon in the Windows taskbar has disappeared, there’s no need to worry. This problem is not significant. We just need to know where the setting is to bring it back.

Why doesn’t the volume icon appear on the Windows taskbar?

The volume icon on the Windows taskbar may have disappeared for a variety of reasons. The most common of these is that the icon was accidentally clicked on and was pushed out of the taskbar box. This action causes this symbol to be disabled.

It is also likely that for some reason the taskbar has problems. This causes the sound icon to disappear, so sometimes you have to restart the taskbar. The reasons for these errors can be RAM memory, old versions of the operating system, computer overheating, etc.

How to restore the volume icon in the Windows taskbar?

The disappearance of the volume icon from the Windows taskbar has different reasons. Therefore, we recommend using each of these solutions below to try to fix them permanently. It’s likely that, in addition to the missing icon, we’re having problems with audio sound.

Use the troubleshooter

One of the most effective ways for any problems is to use the native Windows troubleshooter. All we have to do is go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot. At this point we need to select the option to “search and troubleshoot audio playback”. Now we need to select the device to see why it disappeared.

Right click on the taskbar

We can also try to put the sound icon back in the taskbar by right clicking on it. Here we’ll check if the volume has been removed itself and we can activate the icon in the bar again.

Restart the task manager

One of the options we can use to quickly restart the task manager is by pressing control + alt + delete. Windows will display a menu of options where we click on the task manager.

Now, we will select the processes tab and we will press force terminate after we have selected explorer.exe. This process restarts the taskbar and can usually fix some errors by showing us symbols like the one on the volume.

What to do if the volume icon is missing in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10/11?

If we have Windows 10 or 11, we can apply the following method to fix the missing volume icon. First we will go to the Windows main menu by selecting the settings box, then the system. Now we will go to the notifications and actions section.

Once this process is done, we will have more options to display, we need to enable the volume icon and also enable the icons displayed in the system.

This option can be applied to any icon that we want to restore or that has disappeared from the taskbar. We will apply the same methodology that was explained above in the control panel or taskbar settings to select the desired icon.

If none of these alternatives worked, it may be a problem with the device software. So you will need to contact Microsoft support. There, you will need to explain the situation to their team.

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