The iTunes Store is both a player and a store for multimedia content, especially music and videos, a service similar to Spotify, available on both PC (Windows and MacOS) and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod). You can download the latest version of iTunes from the official Windows website or from the Microsoft Store if you have Windows 10; for mobile devices, you can do so from the App Store.

In some cases, the iTunes service can present some problems, especially on mobile devices, in this article we will give you some solutions to attack the problem.

What causes the “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” message to appear?

This type of problem occurs when we log into the app, it doesn’t let us in because we have a connectivity problem with our device, which makes it impossible to access the content and not even able to buy from the Store, it is a common problem, but not frequent, even so it can be annoying.

ISP problems

One of the problems can be due to internet failures with your service provider, whether it’s a WiFi connection or a mobile data network. To check if this is the case, swap the service you’re using with the other one and reconnect to iTunes; if it resolves, then that was the problem.

If your WiFi provider is also your mobile network provider, ask someone to use a different WiFi, if the problem persists, it’s not an ISP conflict.

Apple server failures

If the above doesn’t work then the problem is directly from the Apple company, this can be verified by doing the above and also if problems occur when we want to connect to the iTunes Store on the iPhone, by displaying the message “Unable to connect to iTunes Store”.

In this case, the solution is no longer up to us, but we have to wait for developers and technical staff to be able to restore the connection to the service; note also that this “failure” may be due to maintenance work or server updates.

What do I need to do to connect to the iTunes Store?

Another possible reason for this annoying problem is that our device is the one not working, and we will know this if someone else is able to use the iTunes service, and we are the only ones experiencing this difficulty. To fix the error, we’ll list below a few ways to do so.

Check date and update software

It’s common for many apps and not only iTunes to present problems if we don’t have the correct date and time, WhatsApp is an example of this, if we have this configured wrong, we can’t even enter the app without first correcting the date and time of our device. So go to your phone settings and check that you have the correct location, time and date, once you have done this, go into iTunes to check.

If the problem persists, check if the app is updated from the App Store, uninstall it and reinstall it if necessary; also check if your device has the latest OS update, if it doesn’t, update it and when the process is complete, log back into iTunes.

Clear cache and data

The problem may also be due to the app data itself being corrupted and/or damaged, the solution to this is to go into the apps section of your device, then go to its settings and clear the cache, data and force shut down the app.

Once you’ve done this, you may need to re-enter your login data and you’ll be able to log in peacefully; it’s also advisable to reinstall iTunes so it’s from factory settings to avoid these errors. If all goes well, you’ll be able to enjoy your content and periodically check your iTunes purchase history.

Restarting your iPhone

The last solution is very simple, restart our device, but before that, try to do the above and then proceed to restart it, when it starts up let it load everything from the background and enter iTunes to see if the problem has been solved.

If the problem persists, turn your iPhone off and leave it off for a few seconds or if possible a few minutes, then turn it back on, let it load all the necessary stuff and try starting iTunes again to see if the process worked.

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