The Android operating system, which has nearly 3 billion users, has become a place where cyber attackers roam. Since most banking and cryptocurrency transactions are conducted from mobile devices, a lot of malware is emerging, especially targeting SMS redirection.

Watch out for Octo software

Malware called Octo, detected by ThreatFabric, has critical functions such as user data mining, keylogging, paving the way for new attacks, and call and message forwarding.

The Octo software comes from a family of malware called Exobot, which disappeared in 2018. It was discovered to be sold by a hacker called Architect on black market forums. Those who buy the software target various user data, especially banking data.

The software, which can easily bypass signature-oriented security systems and perform fraudulent transactions on the device, comes in many Android software or is integrated into standard app updates obtained from unknown sites. Experts say there’s a need for strong security apps that recognise malware from different angles.


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