Apple’s iPad Air series of tablets adds a new model to its lineup. The leaks coming out today are about the new iPad Air model that Apple has been working on for a while. Apple, which attracted attention with the iPad Air 4 introduced in 2020, was expected with its new tablet model in 2021. The leaks suggest that Apple won’t keep users waiting.

Apple iPad Air 5 could arrive in 2022

The latest Apple iPad Air 5 leaks are related to the device’s introduction date and some of its features. According to some leaks, Apple will launch the iPad Air 5 this year. While the exact date is unknown, Apple is said to be holding a virtual event between March and April. According to estimates, Apple could unveil the iPad Air 5 at this event. In fact, the new version of the iPhone SE, the iPhone SE 3, is expected to be launched at this event.

On the other hand, when we look at the leaks about the features of iPad Air 5, which will be Apple’s newest tablet model, the device is said to get its performance from Apple’s latest A15 Bionic chipset. Among the rumors are that the iPad Air 5, which isn’t expected to change much in terms of design, will have 5G support and will feature Center Stage selfie technology . It’s obvious that the price will be higher than $600.

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