The team responsible for developing the Apple car has been “disbanded” by the company. The information comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who follows and has good sources about Apple’s various projects.

“The Apple Car project has been disbanded for some time. The reorganization for the next three to six months is necessary to reach the mass production target by 2025,” Kuo says on his Twitter profile.

The second half of the message, however, suggests that the project has not been abandoned. In fact, the company would go through the necessary corporate changes to meet the internal target – which is to launch the vehicle within the next few years, starting production by 2025 .

In January 2022, journalist Mark Gurman indicated that the project to launch an electric and perhaps autonomous car was accelerating at the company, but was already in trouble after the departure of the division head of the software engineering program.

According to recent rumours, the Apple car is in an early stage of development, with the autonomous system being developed in partnership with a South Korean company . The car itself had previously been produced by Hyundai, but the deal was discontinued last year. The first speculation about the existence of the “Apple Car” dates back to 2014.


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