Significant improvements await users in Apple’s new iOS release. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman provided information about the innovations that may be coming to users with iOS 16 in the latest issue of his newsletter called “Power On” . According to Gurman, Apple will update notifications with iOS 16. In addition, users will be offered new features for tracking health.

However, those expecting a complete design change in iOS may be disappointed. Gurman recalled that Apple hasn’t made any extensive changes to the iOS user interface since iOS 7, which was released in 2013. The veteran journalist said Apple’s planned design changes may not go beyond the iPad’s multitasking interface change.

Gurman didn’t neglect to provide information about Apple’s other platforms. Stating that the company will improve activity and health tracking features with watchOS 9, Gurman didn’t go into details. The innovations Apple will offer with macOS are more uncertain. Bringing macOS closer to iOS with Big Sur, the company has introduced features like Universal Control and SharePlay with Monterey to users.

The new macOS release, iOS 16 and watchOS 9 will be unveiled at WWDC 2022. The main WWDC 2022 event will take place on June 6. Among the possibilities is the promotion of Apple products at this event. Gurman said the company may introduce the new MacBook Air at the launch of WWDC 2022.



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