According to European Commission documents, Apple will have to allow users to use third-party app stores and payment systems under the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Apple will be forced to allow users to use third-party app stores and payment systems. The website MacRumors has published a report on the European Commission documents on the subject.

Owners of Apple-branded devices can currently only download apps from the App Store. According to the European Commission, Apple benefits from a large app store and payment system. The Cupertino giant is therefore in breach of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) for large digital companies, which is called a gatekeeper.

iMessage will be compatible with other messaging services

If the company fails to comply with the European Commission’s decision, it will be fined up to 10% of its total annual turnover. In case of repeated infringements, the penalty rate can increase up to 20%. Apple will also have to make iMessage interoperable with other messaging services.


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