Dune was arguably one of the biggest cinematic moments of 2021. Denis Villeneuve has come to the forefront of the world by delivering a successful adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel. However, everyone who saw the film was frustrated to see the story end at such a promising moment, so the sequel is eagerly awaited by audiences.

“We are in the process of finalising the script”

Furthermore, it took a long time for Warner Bros to confirm that Dune would get a second film, but the studio made its decision official late last year. Group CEO Toby Emmerich then explained, “Denis Villeneuve has designed a film that transports us, both visually and emotionally, as evidenced by its worldwide success both critically and at the box office.”

Since then, we haven’t heard much, but Denis Villeneuve just gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter ‘s Awards Chaster podcast. The director confirms he’s working on the long-awaited sequel and explains his approach:

We’re currently finishing the script and will start shooting soon. The second part is being designed by Patrice Vermette (that’s the art director’s note). It’s that beautiful part where you just dream, look up at the ceiling and think about the film, I like that. I mean it’s like that moment when anything is possible, before the shock of reality overcomes you.

We won’t know more for now, but a schedule has already been made for the end of 2023 for this Dune 2. We should find some heavyweight actors as Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya or even Rebecca Ferguson should always be there. Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin or even Stellan Skarsgård could re-enter.

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