The plans that Elon Musk brought up as a talking point for a while, and thought to be unworkable, are now serious. Elon Musk seems insistent on some issues.

Will Twitter be open source?

Elon Musk, a constant critic of Twitter’s censorship policy, has begun to wonder what it might do when it becomes sole owner. Twitter has serious proposals that could take it in a completely different direction.

Elon Musk has said that algorithms should be open source to ensure freedom of speech. He also wants to ban spam bots that automatically contribute to comments or posts, as well as block accounts by reporting them. Finally, there is a plan to make it easier for all users to be recognized.

Blocking spam bots is the most ideal recommendation, as the vast majority of users complain about bots.

However, creating open source censorship algorithms and relaxing censorship can cause confusion. An environment where everyone is constantly attacking or verbally harassing each other can lead to Twitter misdirection. Trump has also created an anti-censorship social network, but has implemented much stricter censorship policies. Because even the courts blame the platform for attacks that go to extremes.

Ultimately, the requirement for every user to log in can also lead to a drop in users. It is a known problem that main accounts have second or third accounts under different themes. In fact, it is often seen that one account inadvertently tries to brag about its secondary account.

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