FIFA 22, one of the most played games by football fans around the world, will be offered free with PlayStation services.

PlayStation Plus, along with the PlayStation Now service, continues to grant privileges to its users. The service, which offers free games for a limited time, is making major preparations for May, according to a new release.

FIFA 22 will be free on PS Plus from 3 May to 7 June

Billbil-Kun, a resource renowned for accurate leaked information in this area, says the PlayStation Plus service will offer major games for free in May. Sony is expected to confirm the PS Plus free-to-play series in May in the coming days. However, three games, including FIFA 22, will be free.

FIFA 22 is free on PlayStation
FIFA 22 is free on PlayStation

The games FIFA 22, Curse of the Dead Gods and Tribes of Midgar will be available for free download from May 3 to June 7 on the PlayStation Plus service. If the list is as stated, this FIFA game series will also be a first for Sony. The consoles where the games can be played for free are as follows;

  • FIFA 22 for PS5 and PS4,
  • Curse of the Dead Gods for PS4 only,
  • Tribes of Midgar for PS5 and PS4

The FIFA series of games will be offered for free under the PlayStation Plus name for the first and last time. The game, which was last released under the FIFA name, will be published as EA Sports Football Club from next year. With the renaming of the PES series to eFootball, the FIFA-PES rivalry is now history.

On the other hand, PlayStation Plus is going through the renewal process. Preparing to switch to rival subscription service Game Pass, Sony will bring PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services together and launch them on June 22 under the PlayStation Plus name.

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