Google has promised to release the first beta for Android 13 in April. The internet giant has fulfilled this promise as of the last week of the month. The company has released the first beta of Android 13 for the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel series phones released after .

The first beta only includes three new features. It should be noted that both of these features are for developers only. More detailed permissions checks for shared media files follow with the beta.

The first public beta brings all the improvements from the second developer preview. These include the requirement that apps get permission to send notifications. The new photo picker, Bluetooth LE audio and MIDI 2.0 support via USB are also among the features awaiting users in the first beta of Android 13.

Anyone with the right device can install this beta. However, users are advised not to install this beta on their primary phone. While the reliability of beta releases has increased, Google doesn’t expect to focus on platform stability until June. Android 13 is said to be fully ready in August.

While the first beta for Android 13 is available for installation, it’s worth waiting a little longer for more concrete changes. Google is expected to announce them at I/O 2022.

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