It was officially announced last year that the Ford Mondeo has no future in Europe. Production of the car has ended after 29 years. Earlier this week, the last sample of the Mondeo rolled out of the Valencia plant.

The Ford Mondeo, which began production in 1992 as the brand’s first global model, has survived to the present day with its fourth generation. As a large sedan in the D-segment, it was one of Ford’s core models, but like other models in the same segment, sales have declined drastically in recent years. So much so that the segment the Mondeo is in has shrunk by 80 percent since 2000.

It’s safe to say that the Ford Mondeo has fallen victim to the unstoppable SUV trend. Because a Ford official, in a statement to Autocar, said that changing customer preferences were the main reason for the Mondeo’s production ceasing. The American manufacturer has already announced that it will focus on SUV and crossover models that are popular in the European market.

The void at the Valencia plant will be filled by production of the 2.5-litre Atkinson-cycle hybrid engine. Used in the Kuga, Galaxy and S-Max models, this engine is currently produced in Mexico.


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