Augmented reality glasses look set to become very popular in the coming years. After Apple and Meta announced their intentions to launch this kind of device, Google is also taking the plunge into this market.

Google acquired augmented reality project North in June 2020. After augmented reality projects were cancelled, North employees worked on projects like Pixel and Nest within Google. In 2019, when news came out that Google wasn’t working on augmented reality, hopes for a new generation of augmented reality glasses were pretty low. However, it looks like Google is working on an augmented reality project again.

The New York Times, in its augmented reality report, claimed that Google is working on a new augmented reality project. The project is also due to the North acquisition, but no other details are available. It’s unknown when Google’s augmented reality glasses will come after Google Glass, but it’s clear that the company has been secretly working on the project for a long time.

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