Google has finally started to focus more on large screen mobile devices. In this category we can find mainly tablets, but also foldable devices. For these types of devices, Google has prepared a modified version of the Android 12L operating system.

Android 12L has received several changes in interface and app support that will allow users to make the most of the large screens of tablets and foldable smartphones.

Google launches Android 12L

First, we can notice the new shape of the notification bar and shortcuts section, which in the Android 12L version these are located in two columns. There’s also a taskbar at the bottom of the screen that works similar to a bar in ChromeOS or macOS.

Apps can be run from this area, in which case the user drags them to one side of the screen, where they open in split desktop mode.

Apps can be opened independently in two windows, which can be different sizes. In addition, applications can be moved between applications running in this way by dragging, a gesture well known as drag-and-drop.

Google launches Android 12L

Android tablets would certainly deserve more software attention and it looks like Google has finally taken this initiative. Android 12L is the first step leading the way towards improving the software fundamentals of Android tablets.

As the company writes on its blog, it will continue to create new features and optimizations for tablets on Android 13 and its other releases.

Tablets and foldable devices from Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft will get an update to this version. We don’t have a specific date, but we should learn more details about the release soon. The update is just announced, and the rollout of the new software version won’t happen until later this year.

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