The next Grand Theft Auto, which is being called GTA 6 by fans, may have more new maps and locations. Among those locations would be Vice City and Liberty City, traditional cities in the open-world adventure franchise.

The information was published by a Brazilian leaker named Matheusvictorbr on Twitter. He tracks the GTA scenario and reveals possible game leaks in the franchise.

While Vice City is a parody of Miami, Liberty City is based on New York. And according to Matheus, another city that may appear is Carcer City, a caricature of the region known as the “Rust Belt” that appears in Manhunt, another Rockstar intellectual property.

The Rust Belt, which encompasses states in the Northeast, Great Lakes and American Midwest, is a region that has experienced major economic decline after once being a major industrial power.

GTA 6 could take place in Vice City
GTA 6 could take place in Vice City

Despite never appearing in GTA , Carcer City has been mentioned in the franchise in titles such as GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Liberty City Stories .

The rumor released by the Brazilian also indicates that for the first time a GTA may have an international storyline. At some point in the game, the protagonist may be in Cuba, for example. “I’m 80% confident,” Matheus said of the locations.

Despite the information, nothing has been confirmed by Rockstar except that a new GTA is indeed in production. So all of this should be treated as a big rumor. But, what do you think about the idea of Vice City and Liberty City returning? Leave your comment below!


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