Rockstar Games is reportedly developing GTA 6 with the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, which is considered a state-of-the-art graphics engine even though it has been used in productions such as RDR2.

According to Chris Klippel, the creator and industry insider of Rockstar Magazine and Naughty Dog Magazine , the upcoming GTA 6 game will delight you with its graphics.

Gamers won’t be disappointed

Klippel wrote in a brief Twitter post that GTA 6 uses the RAGE 9 graphics engine, which will deliver “stunning graphics”. He also describes RAGE 9 as a “timeless” engine and, in his opinion, users will not be disappointed with the graphics.

Red Dead Redemption 2, which has highly developed graphics, is based on the same engine. Thus, one can assume that the new GTA 6 can really impress gamers with its level of graphics. Let us remind you that RAGE is Rockstar’s own graphics engine. It is used as an abbreviation for “Rockstar Advanced Game Engine”.


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