With the rapid growth of the NFT sector, studies in this area have begun to increase. In addition, companies from almost all fields have stepped into the NFT sector. This time, South Korean automaker Hyundai has signed a partnership for the NFT collection.

South Korean automaker Hyundai announced today that it is collaborating with Meta Kongz NFT to create a limited collection of 30 NFTs to be launched in May 2022. Hyundai has also created a new account called ” Hyundai_NFT ” for their NFT-related communications. The partnership was announced on the “Hyundai_NFT” Twitter account.

The South Korean automaker made the following statement about the partnership on its official website:

“Starting with the official launch of NFT in May, Hyundai will launch a variety of NFTs as innovative mobility tools to guide you through the Hyundai Metamobility universe. This world is unlike any you’ve encountered before, a place where mobility converges and revolves around you for new mobility experiences. We invite you as our first guests into this wonderful world of imagination.”

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