Intel has announced the suspension of all operations in Russia. More than a month after the outbreak of war, Intel has decided to further comply with international sanctions against Russia. In recent weeks, the company has already stopped shipping its products to the Russian market. Here are the details of Intel’s position announced in the last few hours.

Intel indefinitely halts its Russian operations

The company recently announced that it will cease its operations in the Russian market, confirming its choice as a response against the war in Ukraine and hoping that everything will quickly return to peace. Intel has also confirmed that it will continue to support its more than 1,200 employees in Russia, although it is unclear how this will be done. At the same time, steps will be taken to minimize the impact on the disruption of operations in Russia.

An indefinite shutdown of activities

Intel’s Russian division’s operations are suspended and will continue to be shut down indefinitely, probably even after a desirable peace. Intel’s products have long ceased to be shipped to the Russian market as well as to Belarus. For now, there is no room for a return to normality. Intel, like other international technology companies, intends to sever all ties with the Russian market.

Source: reuters


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