Netflix subscribers will soon have a new way to rate the shows and movies users watch. In addition to the “Like” and “Not for me” icons that viewers are used to, they will now have a third option: “Like”.

For nearly five years, Netflix has had simple “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” icons to express viewing preferences and help its algorithms provide better recommendations. However, the platform, which recently raised its prices across Europe, now wants to go further. Instead of expressing your opinion of a movie or show by simply clicking “Like” or “Dislike,” Netflix will now offer an additional new “Love this!” option, represented by two thumbs up.

Pressing the “Love This!” button will tell viewers they want to see more, which should lead to better suggestions. The new button launches in Netflix TV, Web, Android and iOS apps starting today . It will appear across the interface, on individual series or movie pages, in menu options for specific content, and at the end of an episode.

As Christine Doig-Cardet, director of product innovation at Netflix, explains, the buttons are useful tools. The more often you use them, the more Netflix is able to tailor your profile and its recommendations to your tastes. The problem is that your reactions may not always be a simple “like” or “dislike” . Sometimes you’ll find something much better than anything you’ve seen this year, so Netflix has added this new button “Love this!” button for just this kind of situation.

Although it’s just an additional button, development of this feature began a year and a half ago, based on feedback Netflix received through surveys and research interviews. According to Netflix, the goal isn’t to make user ratings more complex, but rather to allow viewers to let Netflix know the content they consumed wasn’t just entertainment, but rather something they really loved. The content that the platform will subsequently recommend to you will therefore theoretically be much more relevant than it was before.

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