Netflix isn’t just about movies and series anymore. The streaming giant has also started offering mobile games to its subscribers. They can enjoy them without being bothered by ads and microtransactions.

Netflix’s game offer is not rich, but it is gradually growing. These are mostly simple games, but over time they become more challenging and sophisticated.

For Netflix, mobile games won’t be a problem. This is evidenced by the possibility of expanding its own capabilities through partnerships or studio acquisitions. And recently, the company announced that it has taken gaming studio Boss Fight Entertainment under its wing.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. In any case, it’s already the third video game development firm Netflix has bought.

Boss Fight Entertainment was founded in 2013 by former employees of Zynga Dallas and Ensemble Studios, TechCrunch reports. Its most successful project is 2015’s Dungeon Boss Heroes, which has more than 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

Netflix said at launch that the studio’s experience creating games across genres will help accelerate efforts to offer subscribers more games.

Netflix’s ambitions are high, as mobile gaming for the company is just getting started. It is believed that Netflix can build a world-class game studio by partnering with developers around the world.

The company has reiterated that it wants to produce beautiful and engaging games without ads and microtrands. It remains to be seen whether it will stick to this strategy as subscription prices have risen in many parts of the world.

Creating quality content cannot be done without adequate resources, and this applies not only to films and series but also to games. What’s more, Netflix has recently figured out how to charge fees for those users who share their account with people outside their home. However, it is only testing this change in three countries – Chile, Costa Rica and Peru.

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