In recent hours Netflix has confirmed that it is in the process of raising the cost of all its subscriptions in the US and Canada, while there has been no news as yet on the other Regions in which it operates. The basic plan, which in North America has a maximum resolution of 720p, increases by $1 to reach $9.99, the standard plan increases by $1.5 to reach $15.49 while the premium plan sees a $2 monthly increase and comes in at $19.99. Subscribers will be notified of the changes at least 30 days in advance, while new customers will be charged these prices immediately.

From 2013 to today, this is the seventh increase for the streaming platform’s plans. The standard plan, for example, went from $7.99 to $15.49, effectively doubling or nearly doubling in the past decade. Progress for the premium subscription is somewhat slower, which is now close to twenty dollars, but in 2013 cost $11.9.

Netflix raises prices in U.S

Speaking about the price increase, Netflix told Reuters that “users have more options than ever to choose from for their entertainment and we are committed to creating an even better experience for our customers . We’re updating our prices to offer a wider variety. of choices. As always, we give every subscriber the ability to choose their preferred plan so they can find the one that fits their needs and budget.”

In recent months, Netflix has seen its subscriber base grow, especially outside North American territory, also banking on big hits like Squid Game. What do you think of this price increase?

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