The Poco brand, which has been making its final preparations to step into the wearable device market after the smartphone market, has applied for certification for its first smart watch.

The Poco brand, which Xiaomi has implemented for smartphones that offer high-end performance at an affordable price, has been appearing successfully in the industry for many years. Now it’s time for smartwatches.

Poco smartwatch very close

Poco's first smart watch coming soon

In its venture started with Poco F1, the Poco brand, which frequently enters the best-seller list with various smartphone models, plans to show the same success in the smartwatch market. The application for certification was made in Russia.

The manufacturer of the smart watch, for which it was applied with the model number Poco M2131W1 , is 70mai. Known for its cameras, the 70mai brand is included in Xiaomi’s ecosystem of smart devices. Xiaomi has its wearable devices produced by ecosystem companies such as Huami and Shanghai Suo Prime, 70mai will also join.

There’s no information yet about the Poco smartwatch, but it won’t be a revision of an existing product because the manufacturer is different. It’s expected to be a smart bracelet also we might also see wireless headphones as well as smartwatches under the Poco brand. In this regard, we may see different manufacturers besides 70mai.


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