In the campaign launched to help victims of the war in Ukraine, Fortnite players donated a significant amount with their various purchases.

There has been great interest in the fundraising campaign launched by Epic Games last month, in which certain Fortnite purchases will be donated to non-governmental organisations in Ukraine.

Purchases of V-Buck packs, Fortnite Crew memberships, gift cards, cosmetic packs sold for real money were accepted as donations in the campaign, which ran from March 20 to April 3.

On the first day, $36 million was raised, and $108 million was raised in the remaining days of the game. That left a whopping $144 million. The biggest contribution to this amount came from Xbox, as all Fortnite spending made through the Microsoft Store is included.

The collected aid was passed on to non-governmental organizations working for Ukraine, such as Direct Relief, UNICEF, UN Food Program. It was stated that the campaign will not affect the revenue of content producers, but it is those who donate their revenue from producers.


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