In the spotlight has come a new news about Samsung and specifically about the upcoming flagships. According to Business Korea, the Korean group is considering using MediaTek chipsets in the Samsung Galaxy S23 and not its own Exynos or Snapdragon chips.

However, the source says that not all Galaxy S23s will have MediaTek SOCs, while they may only be launched in Asia. In addition, it is usually stated that about half of the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE units will also be powered by MediaTek chips.

MediaTek wants to increase its market share in the US, Korea and Europe and has maintained its leading position in the Chinese market for more than five years, but its market share has remained at 10%. So it seems that’s why it wants to give its chipsets to Samsung, which is the world’s No. 1 smartphone maker, to increase its share.

So far, it’s unclear if Samsung will use MediaTek chipsets in the Galaxy S23, but in the past we’ve seen some phones equipped with them.

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