Samsung, one of the giant names in today’s RAM industry, has introduced a new memory technology that will allow users to have up to 512 GB of capacity in a single DDR5 RAM module.

Efficiency increases

By making the Layer Stacking Memory Packing technology used in its DDR4 memory more efficient, as shared, Samsung will greatly increase the capacity of its new DDR5 modules. However, by increasing the number of 4 layers of DDR4 RAMs to 8 in DDR5 modules, the company has managed to make the models 40 percent thinner.

In addition, the company, which has also reduced the integrated chipset from 1.2 mm to 1.0 mm and reduced the distance between memory layers, will produce a single 512 GB DDR5 RAM module with 8 interconnected layers. Saying that the new DDR5 technology is twice as fast as the previous generation and will deliver speeds of over 6400 Mbps, Samsung aims to deliver 30% energy efficiency compared to the performance boost.

However, it is not yet known when the new technology, which is expected to be used by data centres, smartphone and laptop manufacturers, will reach the consumer side.


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