We’ll probably see 40 and 44mm again this year unless something changes, however, a new report is about to turn previous rumours on their head a bit.

According to GSMarena, the company seems to have another smartwatch in the works called the “Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro”, which, in addition to better features, will greatly improve the battery issue. So in addition to the classic 5 series models, it looks like we’ll see a more expensive “Pro” model with 572 mAh in the battery .

To understand how important this upgrade is, the larger Watch 4 model has only 361mAh. So we’re talking about a pretty satisfying upgrade in battery capacity, which will probably have a lifespan of over 2 days of heavy use.

Anyway, since all of the above remain rumors and references, it remains to be seen until Samsung announces something official. The Galaxy Watch 5 is likely to be unveiled in the second half of this year.


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