The year 2021 has passed without a single Need for Speed game. The game series, which we haven’t experienced since the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit remaster released in 2020, will return soon. Information we’ve received indicates that the game will be released this year.

After development of the last 4 Need for Speed games by Ghost Games, EA has given the new Need for Speed mission back to Criterion Games. The game, which was normally planned to be released in 2021, was delayed due to DICE’s request for support for Battlefield 2042. However, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb said the game will be released this year.

Jeff Grubb said EA’s new Need for Speed game won’t be released for next-gen until November. Previously, EA COO Laura Miele said the game would be coming to the older generation of consoles, but according to Jeff, EA has changed their mind. Jeff also states that the game could take place in Miami, though it’s not certain. It’s worth noting that Jeff doesn’t mention the PC version of the game. However, because of EA’s Origin platform and EA Play’s agreement with Steam, it seems unlikely that the new game won’t come to PC. More information will be available about the new Need for Speed in the coming months.


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