The documentary The Tinder Swindler is one of the most-watched productions on Netflix worldwide and has sparked debate on social media. The production features testimonies from victims of the so-called “Prince of Diamonds”, an Israeli man who pretended to be Simon Liev, a Russian millionaire on the dating app.

The man, who is actually Shimon Hayut, pretended to be the son of an Israeli diamond tycoon and offered gifts and expensive trips. After a few months of romance, the killer invented situations in which to demand money from his victims.

In total, Shimon Hayut stole more than $10 million. But what happened to the Tinder Swindler anyway?

What happened to Shimon Hayut

In 2015, Hayut spent two years in prison in Finland for beating up at least three women. In 2019, the criminal was arrested for being caught using a fake passport in Greece and was sentenced to 15 months in prison in Israel. However, Hayut was only held for five months on grounds of “good behaviour” and to reduce overcrowding in times of pandemic.

Currently, Hayut is off the grid and even owns an Instagram profile. On Monday morning (7), he even posted a text online stating that he will tell his side of the story. “If I was a fraud , why would I appear on Netflix? I mean they should have arrested me when they were still filming. Time for the ladies to tell the truth,” he wrote via Stories.

Hours after posting, the killer closed his profile, leaving his posts visible only to followers. In photos, however, it was possible to see Hayut on luxury trips, planes and restaurants.


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