The Unreal Engine 5 game engine has been officially released almost a year after going into early access. Epic Games promises developers more realistic visuals and easier-to-use tools in its latest game engine.

The new Unreal Engine version fundamentally affects the basis of the 3D rendering process. The geometry system, called Nanite, allows creators to use objects made up of millions of polygons, each of which is both scalable and maintains rendered frame rates.

Lumen, on the other hand, provides dynamic global illumination and adapts to anything from the time of day to a character’s flash. It was possible to see the first results of how Lumen works with Epic Games’ The Matrix Awakens tech demo.

Some behind-the-scenes changes that will affect gameplay are also waiting for players in the new Unreal Engine. Systems that will automatically divide areas and allow multiple developers to work on a region at the same time are available in Unreal Engine 5.

In addition, the new engine gives developers both new and improved tools that can be used to create models, animations and sounds without the need for additional editors.

It takes a little patience to play games prepared with Unreal Engine 5. Games that will use this engine are not expected to be released before 2023. Black Myth: Wukong and the new game The Witcher are among the games that will be introduced to gamers with Unreal Engine 5. It’s not hard to anticipate that the list will expand in the coming period.

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