Will The Promised Neverland get season 3? – Despite the recent controversy surrounding season 2 of The Promised Neverland anime, many anime fans have made us wonder if the production will have a season 3. Based on a manga of the same name written by Kaiu Shirai, the series premiered in January 2019.

The plot takes place about a thousand years after the imposition of an agreement signed between humans and demons that would mark the end of a terrible war. With the segregation of the human race, demons created farms to “harvest” children that would serve as food for their society.

However, on one of these farms, Grace Field, Norman, Ray and Emma discover the truth and later escape with their siblings. Although critics rated the anime , initially with good recommendations, what has been seen since the release of the second wave of episodes have been confusing elements in the construction of the story.

However, with the airing of the final episode of season 2, speculation of a renewal began.

Will The Promised Neverland get season 3?

With production at CloverWorks Studios, Mamoru Kanbe was in charge of season 2, serving as director of most of the episodes. If a season 3 is commissioned, it should follow with an original story, as all the episodes shown so far have managed to cover the narrative seen in the manga.

The producers managed to animate 144 chapters, spread over 15 volumes, during season 2, often leaving out arcs considered crucial to understanding the story. Thus, season 2 was harshly criticized because there was some inconsistency on screen.

In this regard, there is nothing concrete revealed by Fuji Television, which broadcasts the anime episodes. So we don’t know for sure if a new season will appear, but for the sake of finishing the story, it should.

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