IT asset management company Lansweeper has announced a new benchmark for Windows usage rates on enterprise workstations. The survey, which gathered data collected from more than 10 million devices, revealed surprising results.

Windows 11, which ended support for many devices due to the TPM 2.0 requirement, managed to achieve a usage rate of just 1.44% of the 10 million devices, according to the shared report. However, it lagged behind 20-year-old Windows XP and Windows 7, which had usage rates of 1.71% and , respectively, 4.7%.

In another survey of more than 30 million devices, the company says more than half of corporate workstations can’t meet the system requirements of Windows 11, and 44% of those computers have old processors.

While Windows 11 is performing depressingly on the corporate side, there is rapid growth on the end-user side. Continuing to increase its usage rate in Steam hardware surveys, including the last three months, Windows 11 has a rate of 16.84%, compared to 74.69% in Windows 10.



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