Screen recorder programs – In case you are looking for a very much screen recorder program, today I present you a top 5, of the best programs of this kind.

In today’s article I will present you programs for both desktop and games, that is programs optimized to record desktop but also games.

Let’s start the top:


What makes CamStudio so special? Well a lot. Usually almost any program to record video of your screen in games comes with too many ads, too many limitations, etc. Well this CamStudio is not like that, the program is open source.

It may not be the best but it is free in everything that a screen capture program is.

Download CamStudio


Unfortunately this feature is only valid for those who have Nvidia video cards, so for those who have AMD, sorry to say but… skip to number 3.

For those who have Nvidia, this program is the best for recording, so, you don’t even have to look at the rest of the top, in case you want something for free.

This feature from Nvidia offers very good quality recorded clips, good quality and it can’t be a bad quality feature, in fact one that looks premium.


This is a program that is not recommended for everyone, but only for those who have a very good internet speed, especially upload, but also a very good download speed.

The program comes in two versions, free and premium, the free version doesn’t give you the chance to film more than 30 seconds, but the premium quality it plays is very good and worth trying for a small video.

Download FRAPS


Surely you have heard of this program if you have ever tried to do youtube/gameplay, this program is a very good one, it comes with both free and premium versions.

The free version of this program gives you the chance to film, but unfortunately you will have the name of the program written on the video. This program is a great rival to Fraps

Download Bandicam


With this program you have more facilities, as is the program camtasia studio, with this program you can edit what you have filmed, you can cut, and you have more functions, all for free.

Download ezvid

So these are my recommendations for you, if you have any questions, comments or want to start a discussion I’m waiting for you in the comments box.

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