Pinterest is primarily a place to share photos, but it also has plenty of videos. You can’t just click on a video on Pinterest and download it. Pinterest uploaders are the only way to watch videos off Pinterest. Here is a list of 4 all-in-ones pinterest video download tools. Watch this post now!

  1. Down2You
  2. ExpertPHP
  3. Catch.Tube
  4. PasteUploader

Pinterest was launched in 2009 and is now the most popular social network in the world. It lets you find and share things like fashion ideas, recipes, home improvement tips, and more. If you find a video clip on Pinterest that you want to save, try one of the following video downloaders.


One of the most popular online tools for downloading videos from Pinterest is the Down2You. It can download MP4 HD quality videos and gifs. It is the most popular online tool right now as it works well with almost all laptops, desktops, Android devices or video formats.

Guide to download any video from Pinterest using Down2You

Step 1: Go to the official site of on the device where you want to save the video. Now find the video in the list of videos on Pinterest and copy the URL.

2nd step: Now paste the copied URL (the web address of the video) in the space next to the DOWNLOAD tab on the Down2You Pinterest video downloader screen and click on the DOWNLOAD tab.

Step 3: Finally, the video will be downloaded and if the user clicks “Save As”, he can save it directly to his device.


Expertsphp is a website that lets you download videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Pinterest. This Pinterest downloader allows you to save videos, images and GIFs from Pinterest. You can also preview a video on Pinterest and save it as MP4, MP3, or another format. It works on all kinds of devices, like computers, phones, and tablets.

Guide to download any video from pinterest using expertsphp

Step 1: Go to Pinterest and copy the URL of the video you want to download.

2nd step: Open the Expertsphp website and paste the video link in the search bar. Then press Enter key or click DOWNLOAD button to continue.

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Step 3: To save the video from Pinterest, tap the three dots to enter the download page, then tap Download. Or, you can click the Download Link button to get it.


If you really want to save videos to your device, you should definitely use Catch.Tube. Tube video downloader is a great tool that you can use online. It not only works with different social sites but also works with a wide range of websites through different browsers, so you can download videos even in the highest quality. Catch.Tube allows users of different devices to download videos from Pinterest without affecting the quality of the videos.

Guide to download any video from Pinterest using Catch.Tube

Step 1: Tap the video to find the “Copy link” option. Now copy the “URL link” and access any browser on your device.

2nd step: Now search for “Catch.Tube Online Pinterest Video Downloader”.

Step 3: Copy the URL link then paste it in the space provided for the download. To complete the download and save it to the device, click the “Download” tab.


Pastedownload is a tool for downloading images and videos from Pinterest. When you upload a Pinterest video, you have the choice between video quality and image resolution. Additionally, Pastedownload allows you to download songs from sites like Soundcloud that allow people to share music.

Go to Pastedownload and paste the Pinterest video URL. Tap DOWNLOAD and select the desired video quality. Then download it to your device.

Apart from online tools, Google Play has many apps that allow you to download your favorite videos from Pinterest.

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