Exhausted from a long week, you’d be in the mood to lie lazily on your sofa and watch TV. And if you’re addicted to netflix, I’m sure you’d be looking for easy ways to browse Netflix for something to watch. While Netflix’s built-in recommendation system is good at suggesting movies you might like, sometimes it’s important to have a more critical opinion when selecting a movie. The article presents a list of the top 5 Chrome extensions for Netflix.

Netflix Chrome Extensions

Here are some of the best Netflix extensions for Chrome browser to enhance your viewing experience:

  1. Netflix Optimizer
  2. Netflix price
  3. FlixPlus
  4. Rotten Netflix
  5. media hint

Let’s take a look at them.

1]Netflix Amplifier

Installing NEnhancer is simple, just visit the Chrome Web Store and add it to your Chrome browser. Thereafter, a small N icon appears in the browser’s address bar whenever you are on the Netflix site. Hover over any of the titles on Netflix and the pop-up will now display the ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, if available.

Also, if Netflix Enhancer is able to find a trailer for the movie you selected, you will see a small white camera icon; click on it to see the trailer and get help deciding if you really want to watch the movie in question. You can get NEnhancer here from the Chrome Store – but read this first.

2]Netflix Rate

Netflix price

Netflix Rate is a Chrome extension that adds IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings directly to Netflix. When you hold your mouse cursor over a movie title, it pulls the rating from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes services alongside Netflix stars. All in all, a handy extension for selecting movies to watch. It is available here.



The Chrome extension developed by LifeHacker brings a nice improvement over the official Netflix UI offering. It works as advertised and lets you customize Netflix to your liking. The extension lets you filter recommendations, remove spoilers, view IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. Get it here.

It has been updated with customizable hotkeys and many other tweaks and bugfixes. A full feature list of the updated version can be accessed through the improved Chrome Web Store. It is recommended that you revert your Netflix dashboard to the old version for the changes to work properly.

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4]Rotten Netflix

Rotten Netflix

The strong point of the extension is its lightness. Also, it helps you save steps when it comes to finding out what people really think of the movie you plan to spend the next hour and a half watching. When installing the add-on, Rotten Tomatoes ratings are inserted below the movies on the Netflix site.

Rotten Tomatoes sheet music sits below the film footage and requires no clicking or hovering to view. Saving time helps you quickly choose movies for your queue. If you’re busy looking for new titles to watch during your weekend, let this extension help you with your decision making.

5]Media Hint

The Chrome extension removes area limitations for various online media streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, etc. It is certainly a good choice for providing access to several online services in countries where they are not supported. Download it here.

Watching TV shows and movies online can become much easier with these Chrome extensions. Let us know if you have any favourites.

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