Most of us use multiple messaging apps these days to keep in touch with different groups of people. These include Slack for business or work, Facebook for countless friends and batch mates, and of course WhatsApp for friends and family. Certainly, having a presence on these platforms is important, but following each of them is a heavy task. Running multiple apps at the same time, drifting from one app to another, remembering multiple login details and lots of notifications – that’s a lot to keep track of. Fortunately, there is a solution and it is known as All-in-one messenger.

All-In-One Messenger App Review

All-In-One Messenger app is a messaging app and works on any Windows, Mac, Linux OS computer. This application helps the user to manage multiple messaging platforms together. All-in-One Messenger combines chat and messaging services into one simple application and displays desktop notifications for new and unread messages. Simply put, it makes you more efficient with your response time.

Key Features of All-in-One Messenger

Here is a brief overview of the features of the All-in-One Messenger app

  • Support more than 50 messengers – Currently all-in-one messaging supports more than 51 messaging services. (We’ve shared the list below).
  • Multiple Instances – Supports multiple instances of a messenger like Slack, WhatsApp or Facebook. This makes this app perfect for those who need to manage multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Better privacy protection – All-in-One Messenger does not store user login credentials or read typed messages. Also, since each messenger lives in their own tab, interference from separate messengers or accounts does not occur.
  • Customizable – Users can change the look, manage push notifications and even use dark mode. Its settings tab contains most of the customization features organized for easy access.
  • Desktop Notifications – the application organizes all the number of unread messages in the application bar and prompts the user via desktop notifications.

Using All-in-One Messaging

Once the installation is complete, launch the application from the desktop icon or simply search for it in the The start menu. Locate the All-in-One app and double-click it to launch the app.

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Added new messengers to All-in-One:

Once the application window is open, you can add the messengers you want to access through the ‘Add Messenger’ option appearing on the left panel.

All-in-one messaging

There is a similar set of preferences that the user can enable for all messengers including Enable notifications, Enable audio, Enable unread badges, and Spell check language. By default, these options are enabled on the app. You can adjust the preferences according to your needs and finally click on the Save option. Once done, the messaging icon will start appearing in the Pin bar appearing at the top of the application window.

All-in-one messaging

You can also view all registered messengers in the your messenger option under Settings. the Pin bar is very convenient because it makes it easy to manage many applications and eliminates the need to switch between multiple email applications or browser windows.

Desktop Notifications:

The All-in-One Messenger app displays the number of unread messages in your Pin bar; moreover, it also notifies you via desktop notifications.

All-in-one messaging

Simply put, you get a consolidated view of all your unread messages, so you never miss important messages and your response is just a click away.

Customization Features:

Along with supporting multiple services such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hangout, Slack, and many more, this app lets you enjoy a beautiful customization experience that includes dark mode and Tab theme options.

To enable dark mode, go to Settings option in the left sidebar and enable the option dark mode rocker present under the Appearance section.

All-in-one messaging

Please note – This app’s dark mode only works on the main all-in-one messaging app, which means it doesn’t enable dark mode on any individual messaging apps you run on All-in -One. Therefore, if you wish to have dark mode on all messengers, you will need to enable it individually on each app.

Another cool customization feature is Tab theme which allows you to customize the application Pin bar. You can have pinbar display app like Icons, Horizontal, and Vertical. Among these, the Icons the view is the best.

All-in-one messaging

Using multiple instances:

This is one of the coolest features of the all-in-one messenger app, and perfect for those who use multiple accounts in one messenger, for example WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram. The user can add Messenger by following the same process as mentioned above. All-In-One adds the new messenger in the ‘Pin bar‘ as a separate icon, this indicates that you are logged in using 2 or more accounts.

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This feature makes All-In-One ideal for managing multiple social accounts at the same time.

Let the app run in the background:

If you want the app to continue running in the background, you’ll need to enable the Stay in background when closing window in the General possibility of parameters.

Enabling this option will ensure that your application is still running even when you click the ‘Close’ option on the application window.

Disable/delete a messenger:

To disable a messenger, you can simply right-click on the app icon appearing on the Pin bar.

When you disable a messenger, the icon instantly turns gray indicating that the messenger is disabled.

Now, if you want to remove a messenger completely, you can simply click on the your messenger option and switch to the list of messengers. By doing so, the options to disable/remove appear, just click the remove icon and click OK to confirm your action.

The app’s simple and clean interface makes disabling/deleting messengers on the All-in-One app a hassle-free experience.

Apps supported by All-in-One Messenger:

Here is a list of apps supported by this messaging app:

  1. Android messaging
  2. BearyChat
  3. chatwork
  4. Cisco Spark
  5. Crisp
  6. DingTalk
  7. Discord
  8. facebook messenger
  9. FastMail
  10. Herd
  11. flowdock
  12. Gadu-Gadu
  13. Gitter
  14. Google Calendar
  15. Google Hangouts
  16. Google Mail
  17. Google Meet
  18. the voice of google
  19. Grape seed
  20. Group Me
  21. house party
  22. ICQ
  23. IRC Cloud
  24. Idobata
  25. instagram
  26. Meet Jitsi
  27. LinkedIn
  28. The most important
  29. Microsoft Teams
  30. Missive
  31. Nosi
  32. ProtonMail
  33. Push-chip
  34. Riot
  35. RocketCat
  36. Skype
  37. Soft
  38. Specter Cat
  39. Steam
  40. tawk
  41. Telegram
  42. Threema
  43. tinder
  44. TweetDeck
  45. Tic
  46. Twitter
  47. VK messenger
  48. Voxer
  49. WeChat
  50. WhatsApp
  51. Thread
  52. XING

As long as All-In-One Messenger is installed on your system, you can collect any or all of the messengers listed above on one screen. To start using this application, Click here to download the software to your system.

All-in-One Messenger does an amazing job of consolidating all of your messaging apps onto a single screen. Active desktop notifications help you stay on top of your conversations every time. Not to mention the sleek design that makes it very user-friendly. This messenger has no significant drawbacks, it is an ideal companion for those who fight between different messengers.

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